Wednesday, October 19, 2005

OK, So What's Up?

As some of you have guessed, my sporadic posting over the past few weeks has been primarily an end result of being slammed at work. Once you throw in travel, bad motel connectivity, a bout with what had to be pneumonia during travel, selling and moving off the Thirty, preparing for the Great Leap Leftward to San Francisco, and time with the husband, it adds up to the usually loquacious NDT being more than a bit quiet (something certain of my teachers might have paid to see).

Granted, there have been some notable high points, namely Lab Kat's birthday party (and there are pictures). However, if you asked me to relive September and most of October.........not for all the coffee in Columbia.

Along the way, I've come to grips with many things.

One, black jackets and slacks make you look slender. Black cars with black leather interiors make you look like a sweaty, skinny slob who never washes his auto.

Two, there is no honor in having the same amount of money in your consumer-driven health plan fund at the end of the year as you do at the beginning (which means I did not go to the doctor once this year, even during the aforementioned bout with pneumonia).

Three, I am no longer able to sleep for three hours for four nights in a row and be coherent. I file this with the other things that disappeared on my thirtieth birthday, like liver enzymes and the ability to digest pepperoni while laying horizontally.

The biggest realization, though, was that my future and my heart are in San Francisco, and anything that doesn't jibe with that, job included, has got to go.

Anyway, I'll have more to say in the next few stay tuned.

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