Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

My apologies to all for the lateness of the holiday wishes. As I mentioned previously, I was spending Thanksgiving with the husbear in San Francisco, safe in the assurance that all we would have to do for the grand holiday feast would be to make pies (a matter quickly solved by $12 at Costco). There would be plenty of time to blog and cuddle (although not in that order).

As it turned out, though, we ended up a) hosting, b) cooking, and c) cleaning up -- which meant I am just now getting around to blogging. Make your own assumptions about the cuddling. (grin)

Thanksgiving has never been very high on my holiday list, for several reasons. First, where I grew up, the weather on Thanksgiving was always one of two things -- too hot or too cold -- and either way, too windy. Second, for someone who loathes leftover turkey in any form, it's hard to celebrate what will be your last decent meal for a week. Finally, it was always the day in which at least one family bombshell was dropped. Any guesses as to when I had to come out?

However, LabKat, in her usual wise fashion, did a wonderfully-whimsical and provocative post describing Thanksgiving as "the holiday that was" -- and in the process, explaining why this is truly a special, yea necessary, holiday for we Americans to celebrate. Bimble over and share in her wit and witticism, and I daresay you will come out feeling much better, as I did.

Now, to return you to the holiday madness......

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