Friday, May 12, 2006


In news today, the California Senate voted yesterday to mandate the teaching of the historical contributions of homosexuals.

In related news, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Robert Freeman issued a ruling today blocking enforcement of the California state high school exit exam, agreeing lawyers who argued that hundreds of thousands of students were going to "substandard schools with unqualified teachers, insufficient textbooks, and squalid conditions".

This is of course, in regard to a test that students take as sophomores -- mainly because its two components, math and English proficiency, require a score of only 55% on math and 60% on English to pass and automatically be eligible to graduate. If they can't manage THAT, they get two more tries as juniors and three more tries as seniors, by which time you would think they would be able to pass an English test at tenth-grade level and a math test at a paltry eighth-grade level.

It's good to see that the Senate has its priorities straight. As long as students are required to learn about peoples' sex lives, it doesn't matter that they can't even manage junior-high-level math.

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