Friday, December 15, 2006

Different Statement, Different Reaction

I wonder if Matt of The Malcontent had a case of burning ears after my Monday post; at any rate, I was surprised to see him mention me now, nearly four months after he banned me from his blog.

Then again, I am just as distrustful of someone who actually buys the crap that Mormons or Scientologists shovel as I am someone like George Bush, who seems legitimately to think he is an agent of God. [Pause to consider what this thread would be like if NDT weren't banned]

I hate to disappoint, but it would likely be really, really boring.

What Matt is expressing in this thread is his own skepticism towards religion; that is his right and prerogative and, given the bad experiences he has seemingly had with religion, understandable. However, where Matt creates a problem -- and where I would respond -- is when he denigrates those who "buy the crap", as he puts it, because they do so.

Stated differently, I have no problem with someone stating honestly that they are distrustful of me because I am a Christian. I have an enormous problem with them stating that they are distrustful of me because I am a Christian and Christians are all untrustworthy.

Oh, and what finally got me banned? Pointing out, loudly, that there was something wrong with gay blogs encouraging people to steal from Christians because said gay bloggers didn't like them.

Of course, don't miss the ironic fact that the person who started that mess arrogantly tried to justify it as saving cash for his upcoming vacation -- only to have his vacation completely snafu'd a week later.

As U2 might put it.....She moves in mysterious ways.

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