Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here....Sorta

Sorry for the lag, folks; it's been a busy set of events.

One weekend trip back to Kansas to see the family involving not one, not two, but three tries by a clerk to find me a rental car that a) worked, b) was present on the lot when and where the computer said it was, and c) was about five grades over what I had actually rented.

One bout of food poisoning brought on by the Pizza Hut in Terminal B of Denver International Airport, necessitating a two hour and four minute flight to San Jose spent either doubled over in my seat or doubled over in the bathroom, followed by an hour wait doubled over at baggage and parking shuttle, followed by an hour drive from San Jose to San Francisco, as close to doubled over as you can get while still being able to see out the windshield.

One greeting to my husband: "Missed you, sweetie. I have to puke."

One new work laptop, necessitated by a fritz-out of the old one, on the day following my return when I would have loved nothing more than to work from home so I could lie in bed between puking and.....other.....but of course, couldn't.

And one crazy week of stretching Microsoft Excel to its limits so that my managers around the globe could abuse our network drive for the annual granting of plums and favors.

Ain't life grand?

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