Monday, January 28, 2013

At Least He Got Right To The Point

"San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation"

And, as Ace so eloquently put it:
As the goal is admitted, let us have no more discussion of these ridiculous diversions.

The goal sought is disarmament, period. Accomplished bit by bit. But none of those bits are "reasonable" or "common sense" as they are admittedly simply elements of the intended goal, which is complete disarmament.
See you in the camps.


Lori Heine said...

That's what the police in most municipalities have wanted all along. They want the citizenry completely at their mercy.

On a related note, it's why they confiscate cellphones whenever citizens take pictures of their less-than-exemplary behavior.

Vincent Smetana said...

ND30, back from the dead?

Vincent Smetana said...

How is the disarmament going in San Diego? We're one year closer, right?

Vincent Smetana said...

One year closer, bit by bit. How is that disarmament going? Any proof?

Dick Stanley said...

There aren't enough cops in the whole country to disarm those with guns.

Vincent Smetana said...

Easier to carry guns in San Diego!