Sunday, June 26, 2005

Is the Blog Secretary Out to Lunch?

When I viewed a news item this morning about how Tony Blair's son will be interning with House Representative David Drier (R-CA) for three months, I wondered how quickly it would take the "gay activist" set whose unsuccessful whisper campaign about Drier being gay failed spectacularly to get him unelected last fall to react to it.

Mere minutes, I gather.

However, what's hilarious is that they got the story of their own smear wrong, as I quote below:

Dreier, you may recall, received the "Roy Cohn Award, in recognition of 24 years of working against gay and lesbian rights while living as a gay man" by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Only problem is.....the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force doesn't give out a "Roy Cohn Award".

Is there a correction as to who does? Yup..... buried in the Comments section and reflected nowhere on the main blog (as of 1:12 PM Central Daylight Time).

Even given the improbability that John Aravosis and his fellow bloggers forgot an outing campaign that they themselves pushed and promoted, that correction hit the comments at 11:18 AM Americablog time -- and John has made three posts since then.

This is rapidly moving past "honest mistake" and into "attempt to secure legitimacy for a failed campaign by falsely ascribing it".

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