Sunday, June 26, 2005

What Is This, Lazy Editor Day?

Following close on the heels of John Aravosis's mis-ascription mentioned below, we now have a howling oversight on the part of Mike Rogers to report.

In the Comments section of his screed over the Euan Blair internship, Mike, in one of his latest attempts to appear fair and reasonable, says the following:

I do not care what the sexual orientation of Euan Blair is. He is 21 year old who -- on the basis of age alone -- is not eligible to be reported on this site. (His status as "intern" also disqualifies him.)

Then later:

There's no need to attack young people in this work. I won't tolerate it here. In fact, there are a number of stories I have held back on simply because the life of a young person would be changed with all of the attention...for that reason alone I have held back on some of my reporting.

Ah, but you see, Mike, you've been more than willing to do so before and on multiple occasions.

I particularly like this statement from the last (emphasis mine):

Here's a picture of the intern crowd at a Florida House Member's office and I can tell you that at least one of the men in this picture, like you, is gay.

Want more entertainment? Read the comments from the first quote and the second quote -- and make your own conclusions as to the genuine nature of Mike's comments when his past behavior patterns of what he allows to be posted is 180 degrees opposite.

Finally, I wonder how long the comment I made will stay up? If that link dies, you know Mike's back on an erasing kick....LOL.

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