Thursday, January 26, 2006

Q: What's the Worst Job In the World?

A: Spokesperson for Wal-Mart.

I mean, really. I'm aware of Wal-Mart's aggressive business practices. I know that small, mom-and-pop stores are at a pygmy-versus-elephant advantage when competing with them. I mean, even today, if you mention them to my political parents, expect to hear a screed about how they "suck the life out of small towns".

But, as Robbie at The Malcontent wisely puts it, what it represents is a start at revenue and re-invigoration for a depressed area of Chicago. Economists Steve Hanke and Stephen J.K. Walters pull no punches in showing how a law brought into being solely to pander to organized labor and punish Wal-Mart will cost Maryland thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue.

End result: instead of jobs, income, and money for the state and local governments, these politicos would rather go without than have Wally World provide them.

Of course, that's the price they'll never admit to unemployed and poor you that they paid.

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