Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Coming-Out Story

As I didn't previously mention, I switched jobs and companies as part of the move to San Francisco; even after a month-plus, I am still not completely familiar with our offices.

This afternoon, I had just dropped off my notebook and reserved my table space in preparation for our weekly staff meeting. I figured I'd answer the call of nature so as to avoid making decisions under pressure, as it were; however, the hallway door we ordinarily use to get to the restroom was a long way down the corridor, and I had barely two minutes to spare.

Suddenly I remembered earlier this week that I had seen a few people exiting and entering our office space from down this way; I looked up quickly and there was a door, just off to my right.

Chuckling at my own cleverness, I headed for the door, confidently pulling it open -- and walked face-first into a pile of coats, discarded legal pads, and leftover storage boxes.

Stumbling, backing out of the darkness, I looked over -- and saw the REAL exit door.

As y coworker who had observed the whole thing dryly put it: "That's the first time you've ever been in the closet at work."

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