Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CubsTracks, Hurts So Good Edition

Back when I was playing clubs more regularly, I was having lunch with another (and better) DJ when he paused to listen to the latest weepy pop-diva track wafting over the tinny speakers.

"That's going to make a kick-ass mix," he said, diving back into his chicken mole.

Damned if six weeks later, he wasn't right.

Hence our three tracks today, which demonstrate this basic theory of music: there is no situation so sad that can't make you dance like crazy with a bitchin' bass line added.

Hurt, Christina Aguilera (Chris Cox Club Mix)

Unfaithful, Rihanna (Tony Moran Club Mix, Radio Edit)

Who Knew, Pink (Bimbo Jones Club Mix, Radio Edit)

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