Friday, April 25, 2008

Free The Children

This is an interesting follow-up to a topic Famous Author Rob Byrnes reported on a few days ago about a mother who was being publicly castigated for allowing her nine-year-old to ride the New York subway system alone.

Bully for her.

Part of this is the fact that, thanks to growing up in the hinterlands with a family that believed in procreation as an employee recruitment technique, by the time I was nine, I was operating all manner of farm machinery in the process of plowing, hauling, and mowing, much less riding the subway.

But the other part of it is that, because my parents DIDN'T feel the need to watch me every second, there were plenty of opportunities to go off and find things like creeks, frogs, snakes, trees, grass, quiet spots, and unobserved places where a young lad could learn, imagine, dream, build creativity, and work off energy before it became fat.

I don't think that's happening for today's sanitized and overscheduled kids. Maybe more voices like Lenore's can reverse that trend.

But she might consider doing something about the hair.

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