Monday, April 18, 2005

Mike Rogers Lies Again...Surprise, Surprise

Mike Rogers's latest attempt to buy respectability by bashing Log Cabin Republicans hit another snag today, apparently. Poor Mike was miffed that LCR apparently doesn't want to talk to him, and accused them of not providing a list of their national board (grammar not corrected):

(Monday update: Even a simple call the Log Cabin for a list of board members becomes an evasive cat-and-mouse game with these people. -Note to LCR: you need to provide that information by law.)

Problem is, the LCR National Board of Directors list is posted on LCR's website. Given Mike's reputation for threatening and harassing phone calls, I'm sure LCR told him to get lost.

One question -- is this indicative of how much research Rogers actually does, or of the fact that he deliberately lies in an attempt to smear people?

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