Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Weekend Catchup

As invariably seems to happen, the few days I take a vacation from posting, I am linked by another blog and website of reasonable repute -- Independent Gay Forum -- concerning one of my posts, in this case my discussion of the uselessness of HRC and NGLTF, among others, in the recent passage of Kansas's antigay state constitutional amendment. Many thanks to Steve Miller and crew; you have been conferred with the official status of Blog Ally and suitably 'rolled.

Meanwhile, fellow Blog Ally Lloydletta alerted me to the ongoing Battle of the Michaels over at GayOrbit. One of the best arguments that I have ever seen written against outing is Michael Demmon's open letter to Mike Rogers and John Aravosis -- incisive, beautifully-reasoned, and well-written. You can't ask for better than that; the next time I visit San Francisco, I shall have to try to meet him. It will either be a good conversation or an explosive argument. (grin)

For now, it's good to be home....because of my upcoming travel schedule, though, blogging will be relatively sporadic over the next few weeks. Take care, all.

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