Friday, October 13, 2006

Ferric Humor

Two weeks since the double entendre known as "the Mark Foley affair" broke, and the usual army of scapegoats, syncophants, and sanity-deprived individuals familiar to any Washington-watcher continue to make their 24/7 parade past the media reviewing stands.

What's been particularly amusing to watch has been the acute outbreak of self-righteousness among gay Democrats, as exemplified in this excerpt (sorry, registration required):

For pure vitriol, it would be hard to top an episode that occurred late last month at a Washington dinner party. The gathering included both well-connected Bush administration and congressional GOP staffers and several Democrats--all gay. Inevitably, politics came up. One Democrat in attendance, a former Clinton White House aide, couldn't contain his revulsion at the gay men working in the service of the enemy. "I ripped into this one guy" who works for the Bush administration, the Democrat says. "I said, 'What you do for a living is hurting me, and my family, and my daughter I have with two lesbians. I personally view Bush as the most corrupt, vile politician in the world, and if you're working for him, to me you're one and the same.' People were horrified." But, he adds, "I refuse to be cordial or friendly or polite to these people. I think they are our mortal enemy. They ask the gay community to indulge them when they want a social life, but when they punch the clock they are trying to tear apart our families. They want it both ways." Even a few weeks later, says another gay Washingtonian who was not present at the dinner, the former Clinton aide's "little screed is legendary."

Now, how interesting is that, when a Clinton administration aide so roundly condemns someone for "hurting (his) family"?

Maybe not interesting......more ironic.

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