Thursday, October 26, 2006

Trying For That 16th Minute

Poor Jim McGreevey.

His book isn't selling well, the talk show circuit is wearing thin, and the reception he received in our gay city-state wasn't quite what he expected.

So what's a washed-up gay celeb supposed to do? Try to catch the latest wave.

Former Gov. James McGreevey, who resigned after acknowledging a gay affair, said he would tie the knot with his partner if state lawmakers decide to allow gay marriage.

"Marriage would offer the ability to bless our relationship in a committed way," McGreevey, 49, told The New York Times............

Some gay-rights advocates said the decision didn't go far enough. McGreevey, who told The Associated Press last month that he had publicly opposed gay marriage while in office as a way to keep his homosexuality hidden, hailed the ruling.

"I applaud the court's courage," McGreevey told the AP. "I regret not having had the fortitude to embrace this right during my tenure as governor."

I have to admit, McGreevey's gotten good at knowing which buttons activate the brain bypasses wired into most gay activists. Appeal to "commitment", talk all lovey-dovey about your partner, and play to the fantasy that the only reason people don't support gay marriage is because they're really closeted homosexuals -- the old tried-and-true methods, all there.

However, hearing a Democrat claim they voted against gay marriage because they were terrified people would find out they were gay means one of two things -- either the Democratic Party is not as friendly to gays as they would like us to believe, or the dating pool for homosexuals is a majority of the people in both New Jersey and the United States.

I lean towards the former.

And as for "blessing our relationship in a committed way", I think the last paragraph of the article says it all:

McGreevey now lives with Mark O'Donnell, a 43-year-old Australian businessman. Before they could marry, the former governor would have to finalize his divorce from his second wife.

Third time's a charm, maybe?

Two words of advice for O'Donnell.....prenuptial agreement.

And, as an engagement present, here's a couple of handy boyfriend locators for him.

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