Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tell Them Lies, Tell Them Sweet Little Lies

It makes you want to absolutely beat your head against a wall.

The latest example of inanity from the gay left, in regards to last night's debate over pending legislation in Colorado:
Focus on the Family policy analyst Jim Pfaff and Lawyer Pat Steadman squared off in a debate over the two measures Monday night.

Focus on the Family is the main supporter of the proposed amendment. Steadman, a longtime gay advocate, helped write the civil unions proposal, known as Proposition I

Pfaff said that if voters approve civil unions it would open the door to gay marriage. "The lawsuits are not going to stop," he said, adding that since 1990 lawsuits brought by same-sex couples have produced eight "substantive changes" to marriage law.

But Steadman disagreed saying that if New Jersey had something Prop I the marriage issue likely would never have gone to the high court.

"Because of that, the court ordered the legislature to create something like Referendum I or legalize gay marriage in New Jersey," Steadman said.

"We're solving that problem without going to court in Colorado by voting yes on Referendum I. We're going to create that opportunity for couples to have the same legal protection under state law, so there's nothing to complain about in a court of law."

Oh really?
The New Jersey Senate passed a statewide domestic partner bill on Thursday "without a word of opposition," the Associated Press reported, on a 23-9 vote.

A bill, which one should add, looked very much like Proposition I.

And we all know what happened next, right?

Indeed, looking at the states that have passed domestic partnership registries or civil unions, the one thing that they all have in common is that their doing so has produced a steady stream of lawsuits -- by gay leftists seeking to have the laws overturned and marriage imposed, regardless of the benefits granted.

In short, Pat Steadman is lying. Worse, he's lying in a manner that is patently obvious with a fifteen-second Google search. I mean, really; do you think these people don't know that the gay community's two biggest addictions are tobacco and filing lawsuits?

Both Chris Crain and Andrew Sullivan are positing today that the issue crippling those fighting against antigay amendments and legislation is "self-censorship". Their argument is that we "cannot run" from the marriage fight and must instead focus directly and honestly communicating with the voters on the issue at hand, instead of sidestepping.

Of course, it would help if we showed that we could be honest with voters in the first place.

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