Saturday, December 17, 2005

Banal Saturday Evening Post #2

My last post got me started on the topic of did an encouraging, if somewhat disquieting, post by Robbie of The Malcontent about favorite forms thereof. Since I finally got around to reloading the changer in the Mazda3 after the husbear's visit last weekend, now's as good of a time as any to discuss what's in it.

But first the radio, in order of buttons:

1 -- KPLX 99.5, "The Wolf"

2 -- KSCS 96.3, "All the Best Country"

3 -- KTYS 96.7, "The Texas Twister"

4 -- KHYI 95.3, "The Range"

5 -- KLUV 98.7, "The Greatest Hits of the Sixties and Seventies"

6 -- WRR 101.1 "Classical FM"

In other words, proof that I'm a Texan. Country, oldies, and classical.

However, in the changer, we find:

1 -- Global Groove, "Joy", Julian Marsh.
My biggest backup CD when I was a DJ -- not a song on there that didn't get people dancing.

2 -- Laura Paustini, "I Surrender" (club mix)
If you haven't tried making love to this song.....

3 -- Tamia, "Stranger In My House" (Thunderpuss club mix)
Use this only when you want someone to pass out on the dance floor -- or when you have to drive somewhere that's twenty minutes away in fifteen minutes.

4 -- Madonna, "Frozen" (club mix)
My first music to strip by. Sigh........:)

5 -- Madonna, "Don't Tell Me" (Thunderpuss "Hands In the Air Anthem mix)
Want to out yourself to a bunch of horse people and 4-H kids? Use this to do a freestyle reining demo.

6 -- Anastasia, "I'm Outta Love" (Hex Hector club mix)
The non-caffeinated way to get yourself up for work in the morning.

So whaddya think?

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