Thursday, December 01, 2005

Results....and a Challenge!

With three weeks' worth of results, my poll concerning a possible name change for North Dallas Thirty has closed, with the following results:

-- Keep it: 78%

-- Change it: 16%

-- Make up your own damn mind: 7%

I must say that the comments provided here were pretty darn good -- a "spiritual state of grace", according to Gryph, a complete denial of reality by Lab Kat, and several more. However, the winner had to be Robbie of The Malcontent and his suggestion of "Bulgarian Transexual Gypsy Folk Singer" -- a name which would no doubt drive up my blog traffic to Instapundit levels among local readers in San Francisco, and would provide at least the same level of cover for my political views among the Torquemada-style defenders of liberalism that populate the City by the Bay that empty office spaces do for CIA front companies.

Of course, being the gambling man that I am, during an IM conversation with the estimable Robbie, I suggested a wager; I would change my blogname, per his suggestion, for a month if he would put on The Malcontent a picture of himself in the same pose as the advertisement in the sidebar, "More Than Meets the Eye". He declined, at which point I pulled out an effective (and seasonally-appropriate) encouragement....the infamous "triple-dog-dare".

Thus, the challenge has been made and, according to the Law of the Schoolyard, cannot be broken. Head on over to The Malcontent and, while you're enjoying the excellent (and pleasantly-risque) content, make sure Robbie knows that his honor is in question. I'll even accept Robbie's harsh blogging taskmaster The Malcontent himself as a substitute model, despite my qualms about likely having to change my blog name in that case to "Stun Gun to the Genitals".

Then again, that might put my hit count even higher in San Francisco......

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