Monday, December 12, 2005

Brains vs. Boycotts, Part 2

Here's the new list of demands the "gay community" is requiring to undo the Ford boycott.

1. Ford must immediately admit the details of, and recant, the secret deal it reached with the American Family Association (AFA). For an example of how to do this the right way, Ford should look to Microsoft's statement earlier this year.

2. Ford must issue a statement, akin to the statement issued by Kraft, reaffirming its commitment to glbt civil rights, and civil rights across the board.

3. Ford must immediately run Jaguar and Land Rover ads in the gay press (Ford pulled its advertising for Jaguar and Land Rover in the gay press as a capitulation to the AFA).

4. Ford must immediately run Volvo ads in the gay press that are specifically tailored to the gay community. (Ford's agreement with the extremist gay-hating organization included a promise to no longer run Volvo ads in the gay press that were specifically targeted to the gay community, but rather Volvo would only run the same ads it runs in the "straight" press.)

5. In 2006, Ford must show the same level of, or more, support for "gay events" as it did in 2005. That means spending the same amount of, or more, money on such events in 2006 as it spent in 2005, and lending Ford's name to the same events or more in 2006 as it did in 2005.

6. Ford must immediately fire former Bush White House officials Ziad Ojakli and David Leitch, the two senior Ford officials who negotiated the secret deal with the American Family Association.

So in other words, regardless of any degree of business sense or consideration, gays will boycott Ford until these all happen. And, as numerous commentors are saying, even if Ford does comply, they will continue the boycott anyway -- which means, regardless of what Ford does, they still plan to boycott them and namecall them.

Supposedly HRC, et al. support Aravosis on this. We'll see.

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