Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Statement of Non-Partisanship

Let's cut directly to the chase.....North Dallas Thirty (myself and the blog) will not be endorsing or voting for anyone for the 2005 Best LGBT Blog Award.

The main reason is very simple: I like and respect all of them and will be happy regardless of which of them is chosen. They represent the entire spectrum of gay thought and the diversity of our community; each has its place, and each adds to the richness of the gay blogosphere.

However, I am doing this in part to protest the sniping that has taken place concerning this award. I'm particularly hurt by some of the attacks on Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, who, despite being someone who is diametrically different from me in every superficial respect, is a dear friend and someone whose opinion I value immensely. To see her called names or to see situations being set up to ensure that she loses cuts me to the core, and I can't be silent about it.

I do encourage each of my readers to read/review the nominated blogs and make your selections. I choose silence because I have my blog to let my feelings be known. I ask each of you to choose who you genuinely feel is the best of the best.

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