Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It Comes in Lavender, Chartreuse, and Ascorbate

Thanks to Jody Dean and the Morning Team on 98.7 KLUV, I was made aware of the latest advance from sexy undergarment maker (and personal favorite of mine) AussieBum..... vitamin-infused underwear.

According to the description (click on "Essence", then "More Info", once you get finished drooling over the picture), this new underwear has special "vitamin enriched microfibre technology", which releases certain compounds as you wear it that are then absorbed through your skin to give, as it says, "an overall feeling of well-being".

Perhaps Blog Ally Boi From Troy should consider a pair of these as replacement for his previous lucky underwears; that way, even if the USC Trojans lose, his loins will be healthy and his tush lovingly wrapped in "dermo-protective" oils.

Any bets on how long until we see the Viagra version?

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