Friday, February 10, 2006

No Thanks, We'd Rather Rot than Cooperate

Thanks to Robbie of The Malcontent, I was made aware of the latest twist in the case of the Colorado domestic partner activity -- namely, that an alternative has been proposed, and -- surprise! -- Focus on the Family is supporting it.

Of course, the gay left has an explanation:

Michael Brewer, public policy director for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center of Colorado, said the Christian group’s support is not ironic, but a “political reality.”

“[Focus on the Family] realizes that domestic partnership is popular in Colorado,” Brewer told this newspaper. “I think they’re definitely afraid that Colorado could be the first state where the voters themselves would pass it.”

Right. But in order to do so, as the article conveniently leaves out, both houses of the Colorado legislature must pass the domestic partner referendum by two-thirds in order to get it onto the ballot. Creating domestic partnerships will not get that; on the other hand, the reciprocal benefits bill, especially with the support of groups like Focus on the Family, likely would.

So of course, which horse is the gay left backing?

The one most likely to lose.

And why are they doing so?

Because, they say, the reciprocal benefits bill wouldn't grant all the benefits of marriage and gives mostly things that gays can already manage through existing legal means.

Just like the domestic partners bill they're backing.

I mean, really. Is the gay left even TRYING to be relevant? Or are they just going to sit there as Democrats dangle bills they know will never pass so that gays obligingly open their pocketbooks, rather than taking the opportunity to really do something towards getting the legal benefits they claim to crave?

Once again, gay lefties would rather have no progress than progress that involves cooperating with the wrong kind of people.


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