Monday, April 30, 2007

Misplaced (Or Manipulated) Outrage

Jamie over at I Must Be Dreaming linked this morning to John Aravosis's most recent sh*t fit, allegedly over Rush Limbaugh playing a song called "Barack, The Magic Negro".

It always amazes me that gays who claim to be technologically-savvy believe the rest of us don't know how to use search engines -- and find sources.

Of course, when one considers that the author of said source is a prominent gay Democrat leftist and commentor who Aravosis himself has often linked, you can understand why he forgot to be outraged over it when it was published over a month ago.

What is really entertaining is that so many people didn't even bother to look this up; they just took for granted that Aravosis was telling the whole truth and was not engaging in outright hypocrisy.

Bad assumption.

But again, this is the mentality in our community that lets our "leaders" and "pundits" get away with outright lying and misrepresenting the position of gays; there are just so many of us who WANT to believe they're right that we make easy prey for amoral individuals like Aravosis.

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