Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes, They DO Do Some Things Right Some of the Time

Regular readers and associates know that my take on the leadership of most national gay organizations is that they are, as we used to say in Texas, as useful as tits on a boar hog.

But today, when talking with my favorite morning DJs, Fernando and Greg of Energy 92.7, Neil Giuliano, the executive director of GLAAD, did a particularly fine job (read: held his own) of explaining GLAAD's mission, goals, and in particular, why the TV series Gray's Anatomy received a GLAAD Media Award despite the Isaiah Washington flap

Answer: the award was for Outstanding Individual Episode, not for the show at large, the January incident happened after the voting had already been done, and GLAAD didn't think it made sense to penalize everyone for Isaiah Washington's stupidity.

Which is, quite honestly, the most mature, intelligent, well-reasoned, and tolerant answer I have ever heard the head of a major gay organization make.

I hope this is a trend. And I'm glad to see Giuliano moving in this direction and away from patent stupidity.

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