Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What In the HELL?

As most people know, this blog is no fan of so-called "gay activist" Mike Rogers.

From reading through other blogs and musings, one would get the idea that several other people feel that way as well -- like Michael at GayOrbit.
You spend your life terrorizing and intimidating people into doing what you want, and you wonder why someone calls you a terrorist?

Mike Rogers is a petty man, and I am glad to see how much he is being called out by some of the larger blogs for this act of complete immaturity.

Or Matt at The Malcontent.
Fair-minded individuals such as me are still waiting for him to quit shilling for anti-gay Democrats. Then perhaps we will look harder for any shred of redeeming value in his "outings." (He's probably more afraid of the fact that Berkowitz and the GOP are making inroads among Jewish Americans, which would explain why a rabid partisan would "expose" a gay Republican for the flimsiest of reasons.)

Until then, his website, which regularly toadies for the Dems and deletes many non-sycophantic comments, should be rechristened as "Blog Redactive."

Or Robbie at The Malcontent.
Enforced racial, sexual, or gendered loyalty to one political party is a form of ideological slavery. People like Mike Rogers are the bounty hunters intended to use whips of gossip and privacy invasion to lash those errant thinkers back onto the plantation of partisan Democratic thought. Do not wander too far, lest you get the beating that is coming to you courtesy of Overseer Mike.

Or Chris Crain of Citizen Crain.
But it is not the role of the media, and should not be the role of the media — or activists, bloggers, or activists masquerading as journalists — to dig into the private sex lives of others, no matter how much the policies they advocate impact the sex lives of gay people. To quote some apt clich├ęs, two wrongs do not make a right and the end does not justify the means.

Or Boi from Troy.
I have no empirical knowledge of what is a fact in this matter… In addition, Rogers attributes comments made in this post to me, specifically about what may or may not be known “in his District”…if that is what he calls “evidence” then Ed Schrock is owed an apology. I only know what people say…and do not appreciate Mike’s misrepresentation of this as an “outing”.

Well, it turns out that appearances are deceiving.
What do BlogActive and PageOneQ, unabashedly liberal sites, have in common with GOP bloggers like BoiFromTroy and The Malcontent? Gay Politics BlogAds, that's what! Realizing that many folks want to reach the politically aware LGBT set, I created the network at BlogAds to do just that.

I am especially proud of this project because I am focusing on recruiting new blogs to BlogAds. And the network is about a lot more than the usual set of bloggers you see listed around the web. While the list of members includes some of the community's best know blogs (Pam's House Blend and Good As You), I am just as excited that new bloggers are with us.

Of course, if you head over to the referenced link, you can see much more than that, including the list of bloggers, the lovely "We Would Like To Invite You" letter, and the order form, with prices listed that show you just how much each blogger is charging (with them receiving 70% of the take) for the ads.

Most importantly, why Rogers is so eager to push this and recruit new blogs is beautifully spelled out on a buried portion of Blogads.
Blogads works by invitation only. You will earn 5% of the ad revenue sold by bloggers you sponsored.

So what it seems we have here are bloggers who affect to loathe and condemn Rogers and his tactics, but seemingly have no problem funding him -- as long as they're making a few bucks in the process. And with prices upwards of $500 per week for ads, that 5% kickback adds up in a hurry -- guaranteeing Rogers a sizeable income while he carries out the kind of attacks and harassments that these bloggers are supposedly against.

It astounds me that Michael Demmons can seemingly go to a Log Cabin gathering while providing income to someone who tries to get Republican gays fired from their jobs. It astonishes me that Boi from Troy can represent gays at conservative gatherings while generating money for someone who accuses conservatives of building concentration camps for gays. It is beyond my comprehension that Matt and Robbie can hold themselves up as examples of right-of-center gays while giving money to someone who thinks gays who don't toe the Democrat party line should be hunted down and harassed. It blows my mind that Chris Crain can be giving Mike Rogers money on one hand while condemning his actions as counterproductive on the other.

And words frankly fail me beyond that.

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