Monday, March 20, 2006

Didn't Think THAT Through, Now Didja?

Over on the Independent Gay Forum, several commentors are shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that the Bush administration recently rewrote the language concerning sexual orientation relative to obtaining security clearances in this fashion:

Several million civilian and military personnel who work for the U.S. government and its contractors must go through extensive reviews to determine if they've exhibited behavior that could compromise national security or make them susceptible to blackmail.

Areas of concern include drug and alcohol use, criminal activity, financial debt, foreign contacts and sexual behavior. Officials at several national security agencies were not immediately aware of the new rules or any impact.

Rules approved by President Clinton in 1997 said that sexual behavior may be a security concern if it involves a criminal offense, suggests an emotional disorder, could subject someone to coercion or shows a lack of judgment.

Now, where would people get the idea that people would try to use sexual orientation in such a fashion? It's certainly not as if media outlets are telling them to do it, right?

Again, the irony strikes -- the main reason that people think gays are so vulnerable to coercion and blackmail based on sexual behavior is because gays are the ones practicing it and encouraging people to do it.

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