Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To (Even Though It Makes No Sense)

This sort of thing is why I worry about the gay community.

The frenzy among gays over Brokeback Mountain reminded me of the last time I saw people freak this much over a movie and the Oscars.

In that case folks organized entire gatherings and get-togethers around the movie, many of them seeing it multiple times. They insisted others go with them to see it, insinuating that, if you didn't, you were somehow prejudiced. If others criticized the movie, to say they didn't take it well would be a gross understatement; the critical person would receive numerous messages, letters, and calls from outraged supporters. Almost a cult grew up around the movie, with numerous individuals saying it "changed their lives" or made them feel "accepted and loved".

However, in the end, this mad activity didn't make a bit of difference.


Well, as it turned out, these people were using the movie as a means of pushing and validating their unpopular worldview, and, if you will, converting the heathen masses to their way of thinking. When they didn't get the desired result, they lashed out, insisting said movie was the best of the year and that the Oscars "discriminated" and were "against them".

The movie? The Passion of the Christ.

Once again, it amazes me how "religious" activists and "gay" activists can act so similarly -- and without a trace of irony in mimicking the actions they despise and mock in the other.

UPDATE: if you want a morning's laugh, take a trip over to Towleroad and read through the comments. Be careful not to be trampled in the rush to victimhood.

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