Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why, Too Often, Gay Activism Backfires

Thanks to a side comment on GayPatriot, I was put on to the story of Brandon Flyte, a seventeen-year-old who supposedly was expelled from his high school for showing a takeoff of Brokeback Mountain that he had created, including a scene of two teens "cuddling" in bed.

As one might expect, over on Towleroad, that set off the "all hands" warning, with people literally streaming out of the woodwork to explain how this is an affront to gay rights and how these people need to be bombarded as "bigots".

Of course, when you dig a little deeper, particularly by going to Mr. Flyte's website, a few difficulties emerge.

One, Mr. Flyte was asked to eliminate just the sexually-oriented "cuddling" scene; he was not censored from showing the remainder of the movie.

Two, Mr. Flyte not only refused to remove the scene, he then showed it in his unrelated Marine Biology class.

Thus, in short, we have gays arguing that underage teenagers should be allowed to make materials with inappropriate content, defy their teachers and school administrators when asked to remove such content, and then show said content in unrelated classes.

No thanks, Messrs Falwell and Robertson; let us shoot ourselves in the foot FOR you.

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