Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh Really?

Big surprise.

Even more entertaining: Barack Obama is now flip-flopping about his "unconditional meetings" with Iran -- as if it is complete and total news to him that Iran was misbehaving and stonewalling on the nuclear front.

This fits his usual pattern, though: support the anti-American regime....

then reverse yourself when it becomes embarrassing with voters.

See also, "Wright, Jeremiah".

CubsTracks, Closeted Self-Loathing Edition

No, this has nothing to do with what several left-wing gay sites think about me.....but more on the order of things that, when they appear in your shuffle mode, the iPhone screen is clicked off.

First off, in the category of "Most Embarrassing Lyrics That You Should NOT Play At Work Or, For God's Sake, In Front of Your Children Unless You Want to Answer a LOT of Questions Or Scare Them From Ever Going Into a Sweets Store Again":

Lollipop, Dada featuring Sandy Rivera and Trix

Next up, our nominee for "Most Likely To Be Caught Singing In Compromising Position, Like In Gym When I Have Headphones On and Don't Realize My Lips Are Moving, Only To Look Up and See People Giggling At Big Buff Guy Who Sounds Like Nick Carter"

Shape of My Heart, Backstreet Boys

(See? That one was so embarrassing, I couldn't even show it.)

But finally....and perhaps most disgusting of all.....the category of "God I Hate Her, Don't Even Want To Be Remotely Associated With Anything She Ever Had Any Influence On, Much Less Listen to It, But the F'ing DJs Put Together Such a FREAKIN' Cool Remix....."

Touch My Body, Mariah Carey (Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel Remix Radio Edit)

There. If you need me, I'll be in therapy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life Imitates Art

The news:
Health officials are warning New Yorkers to stay away from an illegal aphrodisiac made from toad venom after the product apparently killed a man.

Obviously, New York television stations do not show enough Family Guy.

Talk About Your Idle Threats

From elsewhere, directed at me and my post comments, today:
You do realize that people who behave in such a way rarely have anything nice written about them once they leave this world, right?

First thought: "And that would be different from what people do now, how?"

Second thought: "Why would I care? I'll be dead!"

As the saying goes, the most intrepid revolutionary is one who has a fear far greater than anything his opponents can inflict on him.

Writing nasty things about me does not qualify.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A House Divided

Boy, do I know this situation. Given the potential of a conservative Texan partnering up with a New York Jew in San Francisco, I'm surprised it ISN'T showing on weeknight prime time.

Living in a sitcom does have its moments. But by and large, the husbear and I have settled into the situation best described in this statement from the aforementioned article:

"This is the woman I love; what can I tell you?" Joe says. "We just have to go on realizing that we cancel each other out."

Works for us.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes, There Are Other Things Going On

Sorry for the relative silence of late, but the explanation is simple. Last week, I was finishing up one job and the resulting mountains of work with which I didn't want to leave them; this week, I have started a new one with a new company, and am working through the whole new-kid-where's-the-bathrooms stuff.

Short reasons for moving: more responsibility, more growth potential, managing a team instead of doing everything myself, and a much more transit-friendly commute (even if I never drive to work again, it will be too soon).

Plus the fact that I can wear my kilts to work. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Since You Asked.....

I completely agree with Justice Corrigan's concurring and dissenting opinion (start on page 154) in regards to the California Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.

Money section:

The process of reform and familiarization should go forward in the legislative sphere and in society at large. We are in the midst of a major social change. Societies seldom make such changes smoothly. For some the process is frustratingly slow. For others it is jarringly fast. In a democracy, the people should be given a fair chance to set the pace of change without judicial interference. That is the way democracies work. Ideas are proposed, debated, tested. Often new ideas are initially resisted, only to be ultimately embraced. But when ideas are imposed, opposition hardens and progress may be hampered.

We should allow the significant achievements embodied in the domestic partnership statutes to continue to take root. If there is to be a new understanding of the meaning of marriage in California, it should develop among the people of our state and find its expression at the ballot box

Hypocrisy in Higher Education?

Who would have thought it?

Now remember, the Democrat nominees and their liberal allies, i.e. college students and liberal professors, regularly whine that companies that make huge profits and rates of return on their investments should a) kick back money to their workers, b) lower their prices, and c) pay much higher taxes.

But when it comes to their own...uhhhhhhh.....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nice To Know....I Guess.....

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?
Created by OnePlusYou

But I absolutely refuse to eat the dog.

(h/t Jamie)