Monday, April 30, 2007

Sanity Rules Once Again

I could get used to this Supreme Court.

Perhaps it's because I have a sibling who's an officer, perhaps it's because I live in a city that demonstrates daily what happens to the crime rate and SFPD morale when so-called "progressives" do everything in their power to handicap and hinder the police department, but I always love it when people say, "You're a trained law enforcement agent. We trust you to use your judgment and do what's best to keep us safe."

Misplaced (Or Manipulated) Outrage

Jamie over at I Must Be Dreaming linked this morning to John Aravosis's most recent sh*t fit, allegedly over Rush Limbaugh playing a song called "Barack, The Magic Negro".

It always amazes me that gays who claim to be technologically-savvy believe the rest of us don't know how to use search engines -- and find sources.

Of course, when one considers that the author of said source is a prominent gay Democrat leftist and commentor who Aravosis himself has often linked, you can understand why he forgot to be outraged over it when it was published over a month ago.

What is really entertaining is that so many people didn't even bother to look this up; they just took for granted that Aravosis was telling the whole truth and was not engaging in outright hypocrisy.

Bad assumption.

But again, this is the mentality in our community that lets our "leaders" and "pundits" get away with outright lying and misrepresenting the position of gays; there are just so many of us who WANT to believe they're right that we make easy prey for amoral individuals like Aravosis.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Today's Ironic Headline

Democrats: "U.S. Has Lost Global Standing"

Which, after six years of their running around the world screaming to anyone who will listen about how awful we are and how awful the things we do are, should be a surprise one.

I can see their next breakthrough already: "Cutting Yourself Causes Bleeding".

Friday, April 27, 2007

Yes, They DO Do Some Things Right Some of the Time

Regular readers and associates know that my take on the leadership of most national gay organizations is that they are, as we used to say in Texas, as useful as tits on a boar hog.

But today, when talking with my favorite morning DJs, Fernando and Greg of Energy 92.7, Neil Giuliano, the executive director of GLAAD, did a particularly fine job (read: held his own) of explaining GLAAD's mission, goals, and in particular, why the TV series Gray's Anatomy received a GLAAD Media Award despite the Isaiah Washington flap

Answer: the award was for Outstanding Individual Episode, not for the show at large, the January incident happened after the voting had already been done, and GLAAD didn't think it made sense to penalize everyone for Isaiah Washington's stupidity.

Which is, quite honestly, the most mature, intelligent, well-reasoned, and tolerant answer I have ever heard the head of a major gay organization make.

I hope this is a trend. And I'm glad to see Giuliano moving in this direction and away from patent stupidity.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Gay "Hero"

Now, the latest from the idol of the gay left, the man who HRC has publicly fawned over and declared "courageous", and a card-carrying proud gay Democrat and leftist.
The estranged wife of former New Jersey governor James E. McGreevey knew he was gay before they married, he claimed in court papers filed Monday.

McGreevey wrote that Dina Matos McGreevey "knew of my sexual orientation before our marriage[;] she chose to either ignore it or block it out of her mind, even when questioned by her friends."

The former governor does not detail how she knew he was gay but objects to his wife's contention in recent court papers that he is bisexual.

"On the offhand chance she wasn't paying attention, I AM A GAY AMERICAN," he wrote, referencing the term he used to describe himself when he announced his resignation as governor in August 2004. "She is in deep denial."

Or she's simply thinking about the fact that the baby she carried around for nine months didn't get there as a result of playing Parcheesi.

Thanks once again to HRC, NGLTF, and the other gay organizations who were so eager to lick this man's balls and hold him up as a fine example of an "honest and straightforward" gay person.

(h/t GayOrbit)

UPDATE: And, if that were even possible, it gets better. MUCH better.

Is the point there the same as hiring a burglar to do security systems?

(h/t GayPatriot)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Here, Overdose on Cute

Thanks to various posts in other locations, I was reminded that the NDT Mascot has been shamefully absent from these pages as of late. Furthermore, since his 10th birthday is the approaching Cinco de Mayo, I am going to continue my habit of forgetting to post on the actual date and doing it on another day -- this time, in advance.

So here you go. Eat your heart out.

That was before the husbear bought him the more "butch" leather collar. But the red one did match his leash.

This is demonstrating his complete mastery of using passive aggressive techniques to get what you have and he wants (food, attention, legs to take him to the dog park).

UPDATE: And, because I just found it.....

His Serene Highness, the Prince Imperial. All he needs is a crown, scepter, and little red robe trimmed in ermine (or the innumerable hairballs he is making in this shedding season).

Pity, Pity

It seems that programs based on punishing business and pandering to special interest groups are money sinks.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't Mess With Mama

I love this country.

Take this as an opportunity to check out the "Talented, Sexy, and Beautiful Straight Women Who Blog" on my sidebar -- all of whom have (I believe) the shooting prowess required of a Miss America as well!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Repent, For You Have Been Saved!

Take heed, coastal Americas.

For months and weeks, you have been threatened by something more awful, more vile, more dangerous to Mother Gaia than terrorism, human-induced climactic change, and a John Edwards bad tresses day combined.....the possibility that Sanjaya could win American Idol.

Many of you have begged, have pleaded, that this hair-borne creature, obviously the love child of the Prince of Darkness and Nicole Richie, be sent away, far, far away, lest our civilization collapse and we become the target of UN sanctions to punish us for encouraging musicide.

Star after star after star sallied forth, trying to cut down this raging monster. Not even the dulcet tones of Tony Bennett could soothe it. Not even the ass of Jennifer Lopez could draw it off the stage. Not even the hairstyles of Gwen Stefani could terrify the horrid creature, which week after week after week made little children cry and otherwise-rational adults stare and cry out in horror at the ongoing lyrical train wreck.

But angel appeared. Saint Martina.....a mother...a native of the homeland....a pure and blinding light that overcame the darkness, that banished the beast to the hellish abyss of pay-per-view television where it belongs. With the sword of gleaming tone, with the shield of correct intonation, and with the cleansing power borne of wholesome Middle American music and values....we were once again made whole. Healed. Fresh and beautiful once again, the mark of the Sanjaya beast purged from our foreheads and global apocalypse averted.

Take heed, America. Turn from your wicked, pop-loving ways and worship that which is good and uniquely ours. Change your buttons, reset your iTunes, and follow.

For if you do may return.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Discussion

It is as faithless and blasphemous to for a person to say that s/he can prove the existence of God than it is for a person to say that s/he can prove that God does not exist.


Friday, April 13, 2007

And, In Other News..... seems we may not be as far from Themyscira as we think.

(h/t GayOrbit)

"Avant Garde" Is French for "NOTICE ME!"

It seems another avant-garde artist has decided that ridiculing Christianity is the way to make their mark in the world.

Believe it or not, I generally try to let these things go, if for no other reason than protesting them is throwing good attention after bad provocation. But I do love Michelle Malkin's suggestion for the artist:
You want edgy? Go ahead and create "Mohammed Killa." Replace the Homicidal Jesus Christs with Homicidal Mohammeds mumbling cliched messages of peace from the Koran. Fill the "game landscape" with Googled images of Muslim propaganda and sacred mosques while the Homicial Mohammeds blow themselves up in crowded schools, restaurants, buses, and markets.

Put that on exhibit. Go ahead. Be a maaaverick "artist." Show us how brave you are at offending all people of faith.

And, if I ever hear shrieks of "theocracy" applied to the United States again, I will simply re-cite this -- and ask how long the artist would survive if it were the Prophet and this exhibit was in Iran.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Keep a Bucket Handy....

because after reading this, you'll want to throw up.

I mean, where do you start? Even in the first paragraph, the guy insinuates that there was nothing wrong with his evidence -- it was "additional evidence" that the Attorney General's office found in twelve weeks that led them to dismiss charges.

Not just the fact that, according to virtually everyone else out there, he screwed up. Big time. And he did so deliberately so that he could appeal to black racists and win re-election.


Gay Press Releases

A particular piece over on GayOrbit today made me think of the typical press releases from gay leftist groups for information such as this.

You can practically write them from a template.
"We at the (insert your advocacy group name here) are shocked by the recent discovery that studies indicate that gay men (list bad behavior) at a rate (insert amount) many times greater than the population average, that nearly (insert number of) gay men (insert related bad behavior here) at least once, and that gays who (another bad behavior) are far more likely to test positive for HIV.

Drastic measures must be taken. The (insert your advocacy group name here) cannot stand back and allow these destructive patterns to continue in the gay community. We are in a fight for our very existence, and quick action is necessitated.

The crystal meth epidemic among gays is obviously an attempt by (list Republican politician), (list prominent religious figure), and (insert villain of the week) to destroy the gay community. They and their cronies at (insert drug company name) have joined together to eliminate us while fattening Big Pharma's profits. Please send us all your money so that we can file a lawsuit to stop (insert other drug company name) from forcing gays to (list bad behavior) through their advertising for (insert erectile-dysfunction drug name) and their collusion to raise the prices on (insert HIV drug name) and so that we can give freely to (insert homophobic Democrat politician) in support of our right to (insert right-of-the-week).

Join us today. Send your donation to (insert your group's address here)."

One would think that, after the innumerable epidemics, waves, outbreaks, scourges, and whatnot that the gay community has suffered for decades, we would have figured out by that many of the causes of these are the result of choices made by the individual whose hair you are looking at in the mirror each day -- and focused our efforts on dealing with that.

Of course, one who would think that underestimates the power of the human mind to ascribe blame to someone else for their problems.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's a Bad Day for Race-Baiting

-- Michelle Malkin illuminates the hypocrisy of those screaming for Don Imus's head by merely reprinting the lyrics for the top-ranked rap songs for the week.

-- Sources say that all charges against the Duke lacrosse players whose lives were ruined by race-baiters and corrupt Democrat district attorneys will be dropped today.

And I hope the Duke players sue the district attorney, the school, the leftist student organizations that demanded their heads, and everyone else in the process.

Wrecked Compact

Just as last year, I don't understand the point of these compacts about states disregarding their own results and giving their electoral votes for President to the winner of the national popular vote.

On second thought, I do; Dems like O'Malley are still trying to win the 2000 election.

The more-logical thing to do is to simply choose electors proportionately; that is, if half the vote goes for Dems, half the electors are Dems, and vice versa.

But the reason Dems will fight that tooth and nail is that it means they actually would have to work for the votes in states like California and New York, rather than simply sitting back and using them as ATMs.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Democrats Abroad

This is almost too incredibly perfect as far as a display of Democrat foreign policy.

Or, in other words, letting foreign regimes lead you around on a leash and use you as their propaganda tool against the United States.

I thought the shot of Pelosi smiling and making nice with Hizbollah leaders was bad enough, but this really takes the cake.

Pay Here, Your Sins Are Forgiven

Meanwhile, to the bigger issue brought up in Matt's aforementioned post, as well as the various torments being inflicted on the person mentioned therein, I can't help but think I've seen this before somewhere.

Oh, that's right.....medieval Catholicism and indulgences.

Seriously, can we just skip a few steps? Imus has issued an apology. Just sign the check, money order, bag of cash, or PayPal credit over to Reverend Al or Jesse and be done with it.

If Sharpton or Jackson were serious about getting the words Imus said off the airwaves, they'd be lambasting the DJs and picketing the towers of their nearby hip-hop and rap stations that play music which, in the immortal words of Marge Simpson, "encourages punching, boastfulness, and rudeness to 'hos". But that carries neither the financial potential or the appeal to the "whites are all racists" mentality required to support their parasitic existence.

And, if Imus weren't looking at a significant ratings abyss, I don't think he'd be nearly as likely to use words that he should damn well know better than to use and which he deserves every bit of the tongue-lashings he's gotten. I also think it's going to be a hell of a wakeup call for him to meet with the Rutgers team he so flippantly insulted.

But again, let's be done with it. Apologize, sign the paper, hand the cash over, and move along -- Imus to hopefully learning something, and the Brotherhood of Lampreys Jackson and Sharpton to another unwitting host.

Minor Housekeeping First

As my mother says, always make the beds first.

In that spirit, it would be remiss of me not to respond to this missive from Matt of The Malcontent.
ToBe, the only time I have censored a specific comment for content (aside from my blanket ban of people like North Dallas Thirty, who will inevitably use this as yet another opportunity to decry our supposed hypocrisy) was when someone was advocating the killing of gay people.

Perhaps if I could understand about what exactly the two of them were arguing, I might.

But, when one has far, far, far, far, far, far, far, far better examples than that.....why bother?

A Bit of Monday Happiness

Monday, especially after a holiday, can be dull and boring for to liven it up, I suggest heading over to this.

The Democrats and lefties who visit this site can leave their own orgasmic comments about how wonderful it would have been.

Everyone else can alternate between being amused and appalled that people actually would celebrate such a thing.

And start to worry....there are more of them.

A Rare Glimmer of Sanity..... a most unexpected place.

Best lines:
Finally, what depresses me, and makes me despise so much war criticism even when I agree with it, is that so many of those positing it seem so happy about what's gone wrong. They seem to relish the probability that Iraq will get worse and worse so that they can be righter and righter.

And if it doesn't, they'll do what they can -- like draining funding, yanking troops, and offering their support to terrorist-based regimes like Syria.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Images For Your Easter

My husbear just ran through yelling, "The pond! The pond!" at high volume.

Dripping wet from the shower.


It's going to be a good day.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Now, Really..........

...does this surprise anyone?

Blast From the Past

People reappear in your life at peculiar moments, and this is one of them.

Jack Malebranche
used to be a semi-regular commentor here; however, for various reasons, he and I haven't seen much of each other lately.

But today he materializes in my comments.....and tonight, while reading the Bay Area Reporter, a letter to the editor criticizing the fact that A Different Light, the famous local gay bookstore, refuses to carry his new book, claiming it's "anti-gay".

Now that's the Jack I remember and love. And given the spluttering response to Androphilia, I have a feeling I'll like it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Please, We're Not Really Like That.....

A thoughtful piece on Rosie O'Donnell's descent into terminal moonbattery.

I find it amusing that the gay organizations demand that people be outed and that celebrities, gay or not, "come out" because the world needs to see that gays are "normal people" and gay kids need role models.....but say nothing when the world's most visible lesbian makes a strong case for "gay" being synonymous with "insane loudmouth".

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What In the HELL?

As most people know, this blog is no fan of so-called "gay activist" Mike Rogers.

From reading through other blogs and musings, one would get the idea that several other people feel that way as well -- like Michael at GayOrbit.
You spend your life terrorizing and intimidating people into doing what you want, and you wonder why someone calls you a terrorist?

Mike Rogers is a petty man, and I am glad to see how much he is being called out by some of the larger blogs for this act of complete immaturity.

Or Matt at The Malcontent.
Fair-minded individuals such as me are still waiting for him to quit shilling for anti-gay Democrats. Then perhaps we will look harder for any shred of redeeming value in his "outings." (He's probably more afraid of the fact that Berkowitz and the GOP are making inroads among Jewish Americans, which would explain why a rabid partisan would "expose" a gay Republican for the flimsiest of reasons.)

Until then, his website, which regularly toadies for the Dems and deletes many non-sycophantic comments, should be rechristened as "Blog Redactive."

Or Robbie at The Malcontent.
Enforced racial, sexual, or gendered loyalty to one political party is a form of ideological slavery. People like Mike Rogers are the bounty hunters intended to use whips of gossip and privacy invasion to lash those errant thinkers back onto the plantation of partisan Democratic thought. Do not wander too far, lest you get the beating that is coming to you courtesy of Overseer Mike.

Or Chris Crain of Citizen Crain.
But it is not the role of the media, and should not be the role of the media — or activists, bloggers, or activists masquerading as journalists — to dig into the private sex lives of others, no matter how much the policies they advocate impact the sex lives of gay people. To quote some apt clich├ęs, two wrongs do not make a right and the end does not justify the means.

Or Boi from Troy.
I have no empirical knowledge of what is a fact in this matter… In addition, Rogers attributes comments made in this post to me, specifically about what may or may not be known “in his District”…if that is what he calls “evidence” then Ed Schrock is owed an apology. I only know what people say…and do not appreciate Mike’s misrepresentation of this as an “outing”.

Well, it turns out that appearances are deceiving.
What do BlogActive and PageOneQ, unabashedly liberal sites, have in common with GOP bloggers like BoiFromTroy and The Malcontent? Gay Politics BlogAds, that's what! Realizing that many folks want to reach the politically aware LGBT set, I created the network at BlogAds to do just that.

I am especially proud of this project because I am focusing on recruiting new blogs to BlogAds. And the network is about a lot more than the usual set of bloggers you see listed around the web. While the list of members includes some of the community's best know blogs (Pam's House Blend and Good As You), I am just as excited that new bloggers are with us.

Of course, if you head over to the referenced link, you can see much more than that, including the list of bloggers, the lovely "We Would Like To Invite You" letter, and the order form, with prices listed that show you just how much each blogger is charging (with them receiving 70% of the take) for the ads.

Most importantly, why Rogers is so eager to push this and recruit new blogs is beautifully spelled out on a buried portion of Blogads.
Blogads works by invitation only. You will earn 5% of the ad revenue sold by bloggers you sponsored.

So what it seems we have here are bloggers who affect to loathe and condemn Rogers and his tactics, but seemingly have no problem funding him -- as long as they're making a few bucks in the process. And with prices upwards of $500 per week for ads, that 5% kickback adds up in a hurry -- guaranteeing Rogers a sizeable income while he carries out the kind of attacks and harassments that these bloggers are supposedly against.

It astounds me that Michael Demmons can seemingly go to a Log Cabin gathering while providing income to someone who tries to get Republican gays fired from their jobs. It astonishes me that Boi from Troy can represent gays at conservative gatherings while generating money for someone who accuses conservatives of building concentration camps for gays. It is beyond my comprehension that Matt and Robbie can hold themselves up as examples of right-of-center gays while giving money to someone who thinks gays who don't toe the Democrat party line should be hunted down and harassed. It blows my mind that Chris Crain can be giving Mike Rogers money on one hand while condemning his actions as counterproductive on the other.

And words frankly fail me beyond that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

There Is a Word For This......


Before their meetings with lawmakers, Lozano gathered the children in a church to practice recounting their stories.

"OK, so why are you here?" Lozano asked Juan.

"Because I'm trying to get my Dad and my Mom papers," the boy answered confidently in English.

"And what are they trying to do to your Mom and Dad?" Lozana prompted.

"They're trying to take them to Mexico," he said, his voice suddenly becoming smaller.

"And what's going to happen to you if that happens?"

"I'm going to be left all alone!" he said, bursting into sobs.

Of course, why is this taking place?
Immigrant advocates, however, are increasingly putting such children at the forefront of their lobbying efforts, convinced that they offer the most compelling argument for granting illegal immigrants opportunities to legalize.

"Once the average American citizen learns the facts, they are not going to want these families to be separated. This is about the family values our country holds most dear," said Emma Lozano, co-founder of Familia Latina Unida in Chicago, one of several groups that have coalesced around the issue across the country.

But the problem is that they don't HAVE to be separated. The children are perfectly free to travel back to their home countries with their parents.

It's just that the parents don't want to go -- so they're having and using children as a propaganda tool to prevent the enforcement of laws they knew they were breaking well before they even got here. Worse, they're telling us lies about how they'll be "separated from their children" when, in fact, it would be only by THEIR choice that their children would be kept here rather than by going back with them.

Why, exactly, should we even be giving this the time of day?