Saturday, March 10, 2007

No, WE'RE The Bigger Bullies!

An interesting piece about the newspapers who previously ran and who are continuing to run Ann Coulter columns after last week's "faggot" remark.....which is over 90% of them.

What is interesting is what happens when Democrat shills, raised on the theory that if they bombard someone with complaints, they get their way, collide with more solid and pragmatic-valued publishers.
The Casper Star-Tribune also plans to continue publishing Coulter. "I don't like Ann Coulter, but many of my readers do," said Clark Walworth, editor of the Wyoming daily. "And I resent being lectured to by people who don't even subscribe to my paper.".....

The Associated Press reported that another Coulter client, the Elko (Nev.) Daily Free Press, decided Friday to keep the columnist after soliciting the opinions of readers.

On Thursday, the Free Press had posted a note reporting that it received thousands of e-mails generated by the HRC campaign, but said none of the e-mails were local. So the paper asked local readers to weigh in.

"As of this morning we had received nearly 60 phone calls or faxes, and about nine out of 10 wanted us to keep running Ann Coulter," said Free Press Managing Editor Jeff Mullins, as quoted in a Friday story in his paper.

Mullins added: "Many callers said they thought Ann Coulter had a right to express herself, and they did not want us to be swayed by those seeking her removal."

Food for thought.....people didn't like what Coulter said, but they liked being bullied by self-righteous gay leftist thought police, who hadn't a clue about those they were criticizing, even less.

Gee, think it might be time for a tactics shift?

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