Monday, March 05, 2007

Reality Is Such a Drag

(Cross posted on Malcontent....assuming it survives response to this comment.)


It is always fun to watch denialism in action.

For example, you criticize the RNC head, but insist that the DNC head getting up in front of an audience of voters to which the Dems are trying to reach out and telling them point-blank that the Democrat platform and Democrat Party specifically supports, as you put it, making gays second-class citizens.

And this is even funnier:

Again, Ken Mehlman and other powerful gay leaders of the Republican Party were happy to enshrine in laws that reduce GLBTs in to second class citizens. They did this for their personal gain.


What about those gays that frankly littered the Kerry campaign -- as Kerry publicly supported banning gay marriage in Massachusetts, publicly supported state constitutional amendments stripping gays of rights, and bragged publicly that he had the "same position" as President Bush?

And unlike Ken Mehlman, they actually were gay, not just people who are accused by Democrat-funded smear artists who alternate between attempts at "outing" people who aren't gay and insistence that Republicans are building concentration camps for gays in the Pacific Northwest.

Not to mention the tens of millions of dollars and unquestioning support given by HRC, a group dominated by Democrat lobbyists to Democrats like Kerry and Bill Clinton, both of whom touted their support of laws rendering gays "second-class citizens'?

And, as Instapundit pointed out, the DNC poured enormous sums of money towards candidates like Harold Ford, Jim Webb, Heath Shuler, and others who were more than happy to express their belief that gays should be "second-class citizens" on the stump in hopes of garnering votes.

So we have the DNC head, the Democrat Presidential candidates, the DNC-supported candidates for Congress, and others all running around doing this.

But you insist that the Democrats "as a party" aren't doing this.

Craig, get the real-estate prospectus.....we got us a live one.

UPDATE: Erased from Malcontent in two hours. I can't decide whether that's progress or not.

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