Friday, March 16, 2007

Starting Out with a Bang

It was a bit surprising to find that North Dallas Thirty had been included in Malcontent's March Gayness 2007 blog tournament extravaganza -- although it did make more sense upon explanation.

Anyway, however we got there, we're in there -- so I felt the need to make the obligatory plea for votes because, you know, putting out effort and winning means something, even if, given the history between Matt and me, it is on the order of paying $5 for a chance to win an all-expenses paid Exodus International weekend getaway.

Our first round competition is against The Pen15 Club, a blog whose primary strength versus North Dallas Thirty can be seen by comparing their exhaustive and well-documented Academy Award coverage to my post on Helen Mirren and Jennifer Hudson titled, "When Good Women Get Bad Cleavage-Displaying Advice" (which is still in draft form and may see the light of day sometime before Christmas....of 2008).

But I do have charms of my own, as it were, and will now unleash my ultimate and battle-proven blog-war weapon -- somewhat-smutty pictures (as in, NOT safe for work):

Fire one!

Fire two!

And I promise.....if I win, and keep winning, there's more where that came from....much MUCH more....

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