Monday, March 05, 2007

Why Gays Will Never See Progress

Because we allow bullshit statements to stand.

In my job, I deal regularly with salespeople, and it's interesting how, when you call them in to discuss why they didn't make their quarterly quota targets, you can divide them into two groups based on their answer: "It was my fault, I need to improve my skills and techniques, what can I do?" or, "Well, sure this quarter was bad, but the trend is upward, I've got a lot in the pipeline, I'm going to close some big deals and make it up, it all works out in the big picture".

One of those answers reminds me a lot of the responses one gets from gay Democrats and leftists when confronted with examples of Democrat homophobia.
But you can’t cite outliers to the trend, and then ignore the fact that there is a trend.

Or, on a more-national level, in response to the endorsement of an FMA-supporting Democrat by current HRC leader Joe Solmonese:
Solmonese, who is also gay, contends that activists critical of the Tenenbaum endorsement are missing the “bigger picture.”

Interestingly enough, what I've found is that the salespeople who cite "trends", who make promises based on their "pipeline", and ask me to take a look at the "bigger picture" rather than their current history are the ones who end up in my office, quarter after quarter, until they either change answers or they cross the sales director's pain threshold for money loss.

Why? Because all they're doing is avoiding the problem. Like people who buy more house than they can afford on the grounds that it will appreciate, they are using the future as an excuse not to change in the present.

In the same fashion, gay leftists and Democrats, despite overwhelming and detailed evidence that their spending tens of millions of dollars in cash, time, and self-respect on Democrats over the course of decades in attempts to win support is in fact reaping the opposite, continue to insist that we're missing the "bigger picture", that we should focus on the "trend", and so forth.

With my salespeople who try that, I say this: banks, the power company, our suppliers, and other employees will not accept checks written on the basis of "future results", "pipeline", or "trends". They want to see action and cash in hand -- and it is your job to provide them. We will do what it takes to help you improve your skills to do so but, unless you acknowledge the issue first and make a firm commitment to fix it, you will not see improvement -- and, if that is the case, you will no longer be employed here.

As we see elsewhere, the tendency among gays is to, in the name of "moderation" and "tolerance", facilitate that avoidance.

But as long as avoidance is sees no reason to change.

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