Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Playing for Our Team

Radar Magazine (which is, according to fellow blogger Aatom, "essentially the print version of Gawker, or Jossip, or on a bad day,") recently featured an interview with three out former professional athletes -- football Esera Tuaolo, basketball player John Amaechi, and baseball player Billy Bean.

Most clueless quote, courtesy of Tuaolo:
And then, when Tim Hardaway lashed out against John—I couldn't understand. I could see maybe from a Caucasian person, but for an African-American person to have such hateful words ...

Esera, meet Louis Farrakhan.

That may jar some of the gay leftist brainwashing loose.

Most on-target quote, courtesy of Bean:
I was actually once asked if I was a top or a bottom on a radio show, and that was the first time that I think I was embarrassed in public. When you become public, when you "come out," when you invite the public into your private life, there is a sense that you deserve to be asked that question......

Why did you think that question was important? To make fun of Ted (Haggard) or to make fun of bottoms? That's what I mean about self-mutilation. I think that's what holds us back. Do you ask a woman if she's a top or a bottom? Not to get off track, but I just think we're making fun of ourselves.

I'm just asking, "Why do we have to be defined into such little cubicles?" As gay people, it seems like our sex lives are on a trophy display, and I think that's what keeps us divided from the mainstream.

Finally, someone recognizes the contradiction of a community that obsesses over and publicizes sex, but then asks everyone else to ignore it.

Read the article. Worth it.

(hat tip to Boi from Troy)

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