Friday, March 16, 2007

Public Service Announcement

At North Dallas Thirty, we stress the fact that we are inclusive in our programming and provide cultural and educational enlightenment to both those who love the 'mos -- and those who would love the 'mos to be somewhere else.

In response to a clear need of the latter group, we have noticed that there seems to be some confusion over the correct spelling of antigay insults. Since activity in this area seems to be in the public eye of late, we want to be certain that you avoid embarrassing mistakes, such as the ones outlined here, that make your wisdom sound even more ridiculous.

To be clear, "fagot" refers to a bundle of some sort, usually of sticks or wood, which are tied together. "Faggot" is the correct spelling for your desired insult against homosexuals designed to leave us as powerless and quivering as Jerry Falwell's jowls in a windstorm.

The correct use of the two in a sentence is as follows: "Ann, Sam, and Peter gathered a fagot of sticks to burn the faggots."

Next time, we'll answer the question a few of you have had concerning why people mistake your racial epithet for an African country.

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