Friday, April 22, 2005

What do Mike Rogers and Texas Weather Have In Common?

They both change on a dime.

To whit, Mike's fawning response made yesterday to Blog Ally Lloydletta (Eva Young) when she called him out on his Log Cabin Republican bashing by pointing out that the Minnesota chapter of LCR had met with recently out Minnesota State Senator Paul Koering several times prior to his outing:


Mike asked me to post a clarification...Mike is condemning the failures of the NATIONAL LCR.

The chapters are hard at work with limited resources, while the party boys in DC do nothing...

That is what Mike's point is.
Kevin P. | Email | Homepage | 04.21.05 - 9:21 pm
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That's certainly an interesting reversal -- indeed, a complete contradiction -- from what Mike himself wrote about them just over a week prior:

Eva Young is the President of the Log Cabin Clun in Minnesota? After reading Paul Koering's story, she and her leadership team should resign.

Apparently the Log Cabinites are too concerned with the next cocktail party to focus on the work that they tell the world they do.

This story is representative of the abject failure of the Guerriero Administration and, once again, I will not be surprised if we're met with Board members who support Patrick (not 100% -- at least the ones who talk to me) frilly statements of love and praise for his leadership....and back in Minnesota it was Mike Rogers who reached out to Paul Koering...heard his story and offered him the love and support he need to come to terms with his life.

Is ANYONE SOMEONE ANYONE AT ALL IN THE LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS Compentent and if so, where are they and why are they hiding?
Mike Rogers | Email | Homepage | 04.13.05 - 10:08 pm
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That also shows the difference between Texas weather and Mike is an unstable and changing force, the other is an unstable and changing farce.

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