Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday Eclecticism

As a former DJ (club and radio) and a music minor, I have tastes in the sonic arts that some would consider broad, some would consider exotic, and some would consider a sign of some deep-seated psychological disturbance.

Slowly, my friends have gotten used to the idea that, between the house and the car, there are four different stereos, and none of them will be playing the same station OR same type of music. For example, featured in the front room will be Johann Sebastian Bach's "Great" Fugue in G Minor, in the bedroom the dog will be listening to country on 99.5 The Wolf, the bathroom is turned to news radio, and the truck will be blaring the Thunderpuss Hands in the Air Anthem remix of Madonna's "Don't Tell Me". Adding my husband (who is a hard-core classical vocals fanatic) to this will be interesting, to say the least.

However, for Friday, I wanted to turn your attention to a couple of tracks that have really caught my attention of late. When you click through the links, it will take you to the page where the music is stored; just select the song title.

Jo Dee Messina, "My Give a Damn Is Busted"

I swear to God, Jo Dee Messina was a gay man in a previous life! This is a great in-your-face song about the psycho, self-absorbed ex we've all had who dumped us for a number that was barely older than some of our T-shirts, then comes crawling back for forgiveness. If the title doesn't grab you, the lyrics WILL.

Charlie Robison, "El Cerrito Place"

This is an absolutely beautiful and haunting number about love lost, set against the backdrop of Southern California. Every time I hear this, I'm transported back to one of my favorite areas to visit....LA and Palm Springs. For those of you who are worried that listening to country music will get your anti-Bush cards revoked, don't worry....Charlie Robison is married to Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks, so you're safe. (grin)

And, as for a Friday dog-blogging, I am simply going to be lazy today and refer you back to the blogosphere debut of the NDT Mascot.

A great weekend to all!

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