Tuesday, October 24, 2006

And, In Related News, The Sky Is Blue

Interestingly enough, the blog Stop October Surprises has released compelling evidence showing that the "Stop Sexual Predators" blog which originally posted the Mark Foley emails is linked to HRC.

Does this really surprise anyone, though?

I mean, Mike Rogers and John Aravosis TOLD us that HRC staffers were helping with their smear campaigns -- over two years ago.

Both Aravosis and Rogers said they continue to collect information from their network of sources, which include employees of the Human Rights Campaign and Log Cabin Republicans, and plan on outing more staffers and members.

Furthermore, as I've pointed out previously, Joe Solmonese, the current head of HRC, seems to have a charmed existence when it comes to the smear activists, who improbably left a gay man who not only steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to an FMA supporter, but defended her, completely unscathed.

In my opinion, the question was never if HRC was supporting Rogers and Aravosis -- but when, how often, and how much.

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