Monday, April 23, 2007

Here, Overdose on Cute

Thanks to various posts in other locations, I was reminded that the NDT Mascot has been shamefully absent from these pages as of late. Furthermore, since his 10th birthday is the approaching Cinco de Mayo, I am going to continue my habit of forgetting to post on the actual date and doing it on another day -- this time, in advance.

So here you go. Eat your heart out.

That was before the husbear bought him the more "butch" leather collar. But the red one did match his leash.

This is demonstrating his complete mastery of using passive aggressive techniques to get what you have and he wants (food, attention, legs to take him to the dog park).

UPDATE: And, because I just found it.....

His Serene Highness, the Prince Imperial. All he needs is a crown, scepter, and little red robe trimmed in ermine (or the innumerable hairballs he is making in this shedding season).

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