Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bigger, Faster, Stupider

Sometimes I wonder why we bother paying these people to discuss the obvious.

Look, everyone knows that baseball players are juicing. The only thing the past three seasons has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is that steroids cause amnesia in people who take them. Despite all the hand-wringing about "cheating" and the high-minded rhetoric about "playing clean", year after year, it's the same old needle-happy musclebound thing.

In short, these guys use for the same reason that strippers have plastic surgery; it increases their revenue potential. And no matter how many Oversight Committee posturing sessions there are, there are billions of dollars at stake each season in ticket revenues, broadcast fees, bobbleheads, and $8 beers.

Oddly enough, you would think Congresspersons would realize that "money talks".

If there is a solution to this problem, it will be on the demand side of the curve, i.e., fans start getting bored with watching bulked-out freaks with testicles the size of their fingertips lumber around the diamond. But then again, WCW and boxing still survive, so that's going to probably take a while.

Until then, I would suggest that, if steroid use so bothers Congress, they start spending more money on enforcing the laws against it.

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