Sunday, August 31, 2008

It Keeps On Going....and Going....and Going....and Going

Remember when we first started talking about San Francisco's sanctuary city policy and the inanity therein?

To recap:

San Francisco is protesting against immigration raids and blocking all cooperation with the Federal government.

San Francisco has been flying drug dealers out of the country rather than handing them over to the Feds -- because doing so would hurt their immigration status.

When that was stopped by the Feds, San Francisco proceeded to send them to long-term youth rehabilitation centers, which they promptly left.

And now, to the city's complete surprise, they've caught one of them -- back in San Francisco, selling drugs, and admitting he lied about his age because he knew he'd get leniency.

Add to this the pile of whipped topping that is the murder of a father and his two sons by one of the people sprung under this twisted policy, and top it off with a cherry of San Francisco submitting a fradulent bill to the Federal government for prosecuting border-related crimes.

Keep in mind that the two people most responsible for this fiasco -- Mayor Gavin Newsom and District Attorney Kamala Harris -- are leading Democrat candidates for, respectively, 1) governor of California and 2) Barack Obama's attorney general.

Then ask yourself what kind of law and border enforcement the United States would have with either of them in charge.

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