Friday, October 24, 2008

Hip-Deep in Hypocrisy

Today's latest whine from "Equality" California, the Democrat shill gay liberal group agitating against California's Proposition 8: people are being mean to our donors!
Yesterday, donors and supporters of Equality California began receiving threatening letters from the "Yes on 8" campaign leadership.

These letters threatened to "expose" the donors listed on our website if they don't donate to the "Yes on 8" campaign and refrain from supporting Equality California in the future.

That's how low the other side is willing to go. They are willing to threaten organizations and other donors who support efforts to protect youth and seniors, as a way to raise money in their effort to eliminate our right to marry.

Now keep in mind that these are the same people who:
-- Sent out donor lists from their opponents encouraging people to go find "dirt".

-- Organized publicity campaigns and boycotts against businesses that gave money to their opponents and not to them.

-- Set up websites publicizing the names and addresses of those who had signed voter petitions that they opposed in the name of "exposing" them.

But of course, when other people do the same to them, it's called "threats and blackmail".

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