Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly, Etc., Etc.

Yes, it has been quiet lately.

Perhaps the schedule will explain matters somewhat.

January 15th: Start new volunteer commitment

January 30: Start new job

February 1: Start teaching flagship classes for professional organization

February 15th: New volunteer commitment expands to two weeknights a week

February 28th: Flagship classes expand to the other two weeknights a week

March 1st: New job kicks into high gear of basically redesigning entire department

March 15th: Other instructors for flagship classes unable to teach for remaining class

March 30th: Volunteer commitment sprouts required trip to England in 30 days

April 1st: Redesign shifts to layoff of 10% of organization

April 15th: First of three weeks where I am busy every night

April 28: Give classes final exams

April 29 - 30: Perform individual layoff counseling meetings for 10% of workforce

May 1: Hop plane to England

May 5: Return from England

May 8 - 12: Family celebration and emergency

May 16: Husbear's milestone birthday celebration with 70 people, 4 staying at house

May 20: Drop off husbear at airport at 5 AM for five-day trip, run household

May 21: Massive all-day volunteer commitment

May 25: First day off in months

Man, I got tired just writing that.

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