Saturday, September 04, 2010

We Have Finally Reached the Point of Insanity

There is really little more that can be said about this pathetic excuse for a whinefest.
My stepfather, who had diabetes and heart disease, was a victim of our modern Tuskegee experiment. He ultimately died last year as a result, and cost our health care system $400,000 along the way. If he were simply provided the choice of a different treatment--a treatment that is proven to be more effective and cost less than medication and surgery--namely a program for sustainable and comprehensive lifestyle change, perhaps he would still be alive and our national debt would be reduced by $400,000.

Translation: "It's not my stepfather's fault that he sat on his fat ass and ate junk food all day despite knowing he was a diabetic who needed to lay off the Ho-Hos and do some exercise. It's not my fault that I, the so-called 'doctor', presumably used my magic snake oil and programs on him and failed miserably. It's society's fault!"

And my answer: if this halfwit wants to live in a totalitarian state where his diet, exercise, and medical care are completely controlled by the government, I hear Cuba is lovely this time of year.

(h/t to Protein Wisdom)

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