Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's With That Tagline, Anyway

You mean this?

Yes.....yes....your anguish sustains me.

That would be a reference to Family Guy, Season 4, Episode 4, "Don't Make Me Over".
Stewie: Oh there there, let me dry those tears. [licks his fingers with Meg's tears on them] Oh, oh yes yes, your anguish sustains me.

For those of you who aren't fans, Meg, in a fit of teenage angst, whines how unpopular she is and how awful her life is, so Lois takes her to the mall and gets her a makeover. Her new looks go to her head, she turns into a spoiled brat, and she ends up being humiliated by being taped having sex with Jimmy Fallon for the opening sketch of "Saturday Night Live".

On a meta level, a perfect summary of the behavior of the gay and lesbian community that I skewer.

Which is an added bonus, because I just happened to like the quote.


Emma said...

I always wonder at folks who write entire blogs just to stick it to the gays, or folks who write entire blogs just to stick it to any particular group of people, I suppose. Seems a little... obsessive... or something. But I guess you haven't been keeping it up much lately so maybe you've since moved on to other occupations.

North Dallas Thirty said...

That's odd, Emma; I don't wonder at all at the behavior of backstabbing cowards like yourself who promote and push irresponsible behavior and promiscuity simply to pander.