Monday, September 05, 2005

And the Stakes Officially Rise.....

as Bush nominates (John) Roberts as chief justice.

This will be an interesting set of confirmation hearings. However, if you asked me to predict the box score of the outcome, I think it will be threefold:

-- Roberts will be confirmed as chief justice by a bare sixty votes

-- The Dems will show how in hock they are to their moonbat left wing by a) smearing Roberts as much as they can publicly and b) filibustering.

-- The Republicans (and a few key Democrats with presidential need to name names) will come out of this looking like moderates.

From the gay side, it will be interesting to see how the "Gay Rights Means Killing Babies" crowd, aka HRC, NGLTF, et al. end up reacting. My guess is that they will not abandon ship and will end up testifying before the Senate, publicly linking gay rights to requiring and promoting unrestricted abortion, including the removal of parental consent laws.

In short, it's going to be a very bad 2006 for gays.

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