Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How the Gay Left Spins for Antigay Democrats

I quite honestly had to post this as an example of what's most frightening about gay leftists in this day and age.

The following quote is from a response to my previous post that arose when another commentor dared to challenge gay dogma by stating that Kerry and Bush had the same position -- no gay marriage.

Hardly. Bush supported an amendment to the US Constitution to ban SSM. Kerry opposed such an amendment. Now NDT will wail "what about Massachusetts?" Well, if you read NDT's link to an article detailing Kerry's position, you will see that his support for a state constitutional amendment banning SSM was contingent upon the amendment also providing for civil unions with all the legal rights of marriage. For Kerry, then, no civil unions with full legal rights meant no support for an amendment. In contrast, Bush's "support" for civil unions was meaningless since passage of the amendment he strongly supported would not allow for civil unions.

To me, that paragraph is an early Halloween fright -- terrifying because it lays out the depths of depravity to which the gay left will go to defend antigay Democrats.

You see, the promise of civil unions in Massachusetts was an empty one -- because, since the Goodrich decision, gay couples were allowed to exercise full marriage rights. This person is in essence arguing that Kerry's taking away the established right of gay couples to marry was legitimate because he allowed for "civil unions" -- a step which the Massachusetts Supreme Court itself blasted as NOT equal and, indeed, as purposefully maintaining an "unconstitutional, inferior, and discriminatory status for same-sex couples".

If John Kerry believed in full marriage rights for gays, he could have kept his mouth shut. Instead, he DELIBERATELY supported taking full marriage rights away from gays -- and the gay left and gay Democrats to the tune of millions of dollars chanted "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive". People like Mark Leno who are currently blasting Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for supposedly taking away marriage rights and leaving behind inferior "domestic partnerships", which offer all the legal rights of marriage were last year calling John Kerry "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive" for doing exactly the same thing.

The lesson for politicians is clear. Gays will support a Democrat stripping them of rights because that person is a Democrat. We saw it with DOMA, we saw it with the FMA, and we saw it with antigay state laws and constitutional amendments.

In an earlier comment thread, I was criticized for supposedly "blaming the victim". I now respond.....the victim is to be blamed if the wound is self-inflicted.

UPDATE: With a hat tip to Mike of Republic of M, Robbie over at Prism Warden has a phenomenal post along exactly the same lines.

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