Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Driving Mister Danny

Unlike most of my New Year's resolutions, not driving to work more than twice a week has been relatively easy to keep. So easy, in fact, that I drove to my job exactly once in my past seven months of employment (ironically, because I needed to get to an interview for another one).

Now, with a change in commute destination from Oakland to Redwood City, in which using transit would change from a simple BART ride to a Tinker to Evers to Chance-esque combination of Muni, Caltrain, and corporate shuttle, I was counting workdays left in the year and calculating whether or not I could technically still meet this resolution. After all, with the price of gas falling due to Republican conspiracy, a four-lane interstate for all but three miles, no bridge to cross, beautiful scenery of Bay and mountains as I drove, and free parking at my destination, what would I want with THAT messy mix of transfers, stinky stations, and dubious-looking passengers?

Worst. Decision. Ever.

I will finish out this week via auto because I must, mainly because it may take that long to accumulate the necessary tickets. Come Monday morning at 7:20 AM, though, my butt will be parked on the bus, train, and van where it belongs.

Why, you ask?

One, because transit is better for the environment -- especially given that my thirty-five mile commute is equal parts Indy 500 with driver's ed dropouts and parking lot, all of which pumps more carbon dioxide and assorted pollutants into the atmosphere than an Al Gore rally.

Two, because it costs less. Even in my fuel-efficient little roadrunner, I can't beat an average cost of $7 per day; that doesn't even covers the mileage costs for the car, much less the $500 I am now charging per hour for personal aggravation.

Three, the complete and utter virtue of laziness. There is something beyond magical in sitting back, reading the paper, and watching even the Prius owners suck fumes as you go gliding gracefully by, knowing that, unlike them, you likely WILL arrive at your destination on time.

In short, it's green, cheap, and smug. I'm all about that. :)

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